iSinglePayer meets the App Store

In Uncategorized on October 6, 2009 at 2:11 am

Apple approved the iSinglePayer application that was controversially rejected for being “politically charged” last week.   The app is now live and can be downloaded for free.

An update is coming soon that will move the GPS-to-district magic onto the phone itself, so your phone will not need the internet to get in touch with congress.

In the future we would like to make the application more interactive and interesting to play with.  Right now it’s just a dinky slideshow with charts and bullet points about single-payer health care and world health stats.  But it’s not the greatest.  Let us know if you would like to produce some content (like a video or code stuff).  A single-payer advocate and graphic designer would be awesome for redoing the graphics.   floatopian@floatopia.org

Other ideas would be to…

  • show how much money could be saved if we cut the private insurance bureaucracy.  administration consumes 31% of all health care costs–show how that money could be used better by letting people go on a “health care shopping spree”
  • video that describes single-payer in 90 seconds or so.  think of the video of Robert Reich explaining the public option in 70 seconds.  Somebody in congress or outside of congress should do this anyway, and we would like to put it in the app.
  • Insurance Industry roulette.  spin the wheel to decide whether you will go bankrupt due to medical expenses, whether your insurance company will pay for your surgery, or whether you will be covered at all due to a preexisting condition.
  • comparison of other health care proposals with single-payer
  • arguments  against and/or misconceptions of single payer

The app was mostly designed for those who like single-payer already, so they can call congress about it.  It is also intended to get some facts out, like how we spend 2x more on health care than nearly every other developed country.


Hope you all enjoy the app.

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  2. Thanks for doing this… iSinglePayer is still not available through the app store from the iTouch. Search finds entry but reports “No Matches.” It is available through iTunes on the Mac. Bad Apple.

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